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Banish Self-Doubts
Gain Self-Awareness 
Choose with Confidence
Linda Berger accesses your Akashic Record to gain clarity, unconditional love and healing.
What are the Akashic Records

What are Akashic Records?


The Akashic Records is your private library filled with your Soul's journeys in the many lifetimes, planetary systems, and other incarnations you have experienced since separating from Source energy. Your Soul's records held in the Akasha energy field contain all your thoughts, feelings, actions, and deeds. 


I like to imagine it is similar to a massive library of Congress, where everything that has ever been written or experienced fills its shelves. What most important is to know you can access the Akashic Records in many ways. 


The Akashic Field is part of and connected to every living person or thing. Earth, animals, people, homes, and businesses have souls because they all have a higher purpose and connections to other living things.

We each have our Record Keepers who keep track of our information. We have contracts with them to help us when we are ready to access answers and guidance to our questions about life, relationship, and challenges that come up as we live our lives fully. Past lives, karma, old vows, and contracts impede our movement forward to create a loving and successful life. 



How can the AR help me?

You are a Magnificent Being

As human beings, we are revered by the Beings of Light. They know of our struggles in this dimension. Therefore, making it easy to access your own soul's wisdom and knowledge is a gift for us to use. 


Although, many don't want to or don't know how to work in the high frequency of the Akasha. It leaves them with many unanswered questions as to why they are here and the purpose of being here. And yet some think, is this all there is! There must be more to this human experience. The answer is YES, there is... So MUCH MORE.


Your Akashic Record offers a shortcut to learning: What you are to do and How you can accomplish your life purposes? These questions are complex, with many different levels of explanation and understanding. That's why it's essential to have a qualified consultant work with you to access your soul's wisdom to receive answers that your heart and soul know are true for you. 


Our soul has wisdom and information from our past lives that help us in this lifetime. Those past lives also leave us with karma and contracts to complete. 

​You are here to fulfill your many purposes in relationships, careers, family, self, pets, homes, etc. Our human challenge is remembering what we forgot as soon as we were born. To remember what we said we were brave enough to do, to accomplish, who we would help. You have heard the term: "The Brave Soul." Yes, we all are brave souls.


Below are simply patterns from karma, past lives, or vows:

  • Holding on to too much weight

  • Hate your job, relationships,

  • Don't trust anyone to help you.

  • I always feel disappointed in people

  • Love never works out for you

  • Your business never makes enough money


Accessing the Akashic Record helps us unlock old thinking, feeling, and acting patterns, so we no longer feel blocked to love or feeling joy. Fortunately, it also releases patterns of anger and the fear that created it. So many of us follow an old habit of needing to be disappointed, which directly links to past lives, triggering us to sabotage ourselves with money, relationships, jobs, and so much more.


The Akashic Record unravels your family and cultural dynamics for you to unlock old ancestral and artistic energies that constrict your life and choices. We learn in our Akashic Record that feeling life is unfair or challenging is often an old contract or vow that has never been removed or healed.


I access the Akashic Records for you to help with your life's journey to be more aligned with the magnificence that you are so you may be the blessing you came here to be. I see the difference in my clients' and students' faces when their heart hears the truth of who they are as a Divine Soul. Their hearts are open to their love of self. You can ask questions about business, career, money, health, relationships, behavior patterns, life purpose, self-esteem, and abundance.

Aishling Buckley

Meet Linda Berger
International AR Teacher/Consultant
Have a Question about the Akashic Record Readings?


Welcome, I’m thrilled you want to connect with your Akashic Records. Know you have been guided because it is time to discover the next part of life's journey. You must need clearing, healing or information about a relationship, career, family, trauma, love. Whichever it is, you are in the right place.


I’m an expert Consultant of the Akashic Record. From my first introduction to this work, I was a natural. Since 1996, I've just kept showing up to help humanity the way my soul and the soul of my business show me the way.

Your AR consultation will  guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. Whatever you’re going through, I know the Akashic Record Keepers will  help you find your way forward.


You are a magnificent being of light trying to navigate this human experience. Let your Record Keepers and I make the journey a whole lot easier.

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