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Personal Akashic Record Session

Gain Soul Wisdom

Clear Karma

Improve Relationships

Find Your Purpose

Receive Unconditional Love


Our work together will include the following: 

 1:1 Session (Zoom or Phone Available) 

Audio/Video Recording of Session 

Sample Questions 

Preparation Guide 




                                 60 Min Session | $333   Save with a Package of 3 sessions - 60 minutes each | $849. Save $150

Your Akashic Record Reading includes: 

A 1:1 Session (Zoom or Phone Available) 

Audio/Video Recording of Session 

Sample Questions List 

Preparation Guide 

                               60 Min Session | $333          Save with a package of 3 - 60 minutes Sessions | $849. Save $150

Dear Heart,

Welcome to your soul's journey to discover why you were born at this time in humanity's journey.

If you are struggling in your life with relationships, it's time to discover what your soul has to say about them.

The pain and challenges you experience daily can be relieved quickly within one Akashic Record reading. In addition, your soul has the ancient wisdom to help you let go of karma and any contract with others.

Your soul came with its own life plan. Finding it and following it is the most important journey you can make in this life.

Your 1-hour Akashic Record reading can offer you more healing and clarity in life than any other modality I've tried. In my experience, it's the best shortcut to living a life filled with purpose and joy.

Take the first step to commune with the Beings of Light, who await your questions. They share your soul's wisdom with unconditional love and compassion for your journey.

Your soul wants to assist you in releasing the ties that bind you:  relationships, family, work, and self.

Each relationship includes layers to heal for you to make a difference on this beautiful planet.

Sometimes, the most significant and loving changes we make come from one brief moment in trust. You are here because you heard and you trusted.

Occasionally, we just have to allow ourselves to be guided and show up.


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Linda Berger's Story - I knew I had to Show Up.


My life changed from the moment I had my first Akashic Record reading.


When a friend told me about her experience in her own Akashic Record reading, Not having any idea what it was or the changes it would make in my life, I just knew I had to show up. When the Record Keepers told me I was to live my life from my heart and teach others to do the same, I laughed. You have the wrong person. I don't even have a heart that I know of.


That was precisely my thought in 1997. Since then, my soul's journey has shown me why my heart closed so early in my childhood and how to open it, trust it, then follow it. That was the beginning of my journey... and what a ride it has been.​


Since the day of my reading, one thing that has been a constant... I have never felt so supported and loved and received so much guidance to follow my soul's purpose with confidence, clarity, and impact.​


The Akashic Record Keepers and my soul's wisdom assisted me in developing the talents to help others. My specialties: being heart-based and bilingual in being fluent in the heart and soul and business language. My scope of Akashic Record work reaches far and wide with students and clients worldwide. And the same is available for you.


What about you? What is your story, and are you ready to change it?​​ All you have to do is trust, if only for a moment.

Let's work together

60 Min Session | $333   Save with a Package of 3 sessions - 60 minutes each | $849. Save $150
Purple Skies


Mindy - Life Coach

My Akashic Record Consultation brought clarity to my path as one of clearing karma and healing damage and unraveling the tentacles that have been shrouding me from moving forward and concealing my purpose. My message was drilled down so I could find my uniqueness that can help others. I also, learned how to become self-aware and to stop for a second to ask myself, what’s really going on? Linda was a professional. Her demeanor is calm, clear, caring, and patient.

Ann - Business Coach

If you are feeling blocked in any way, I strongly recommend working with Linda Berger. She provided insights and strategies for me to see  through circumstances and to clear out the outdated energy so that I could move past it. Literally, within days of our call, I made more progress on a stalled project than in the month prior. Linda is gifted and offers great insight and value. I’d suggest you book you strategy session or sign up for a workshop without delay."

Lisa - Akashic Knowing

Linda Berger, my dear friend and fellow Akashic Record teacher. Thank you for being able to see this work from the place of the student. You have made this information comprehendible and clear for all the readers to come. Your support and love, everyday in so many ways, have opened a floodgate in my heart. I couldn’t have completed this without you.

– Lisa Barnett (from the acknowledgements page of The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records.)

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