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Explore Receivership

Are you in receivership of when your ideas and dreams start to form and bring your more in your life?


There is so much more to Law of Attraction because you can attract things for short amount of time. When it comes to holding on to your abundance it's all about being able to receive what you so desire. This meditation is a powerful reminder that we must be open and clear to receive. It will open up and clear what stands in your way of fully manifesting what you want and holding on to it, so you can build what your Soul planned for you in this lifetime.


This meditation also works for your business. Unlock the 'secrets to receiving' lying dormant inside of you.

I recorded this meditation to remind you of just how magnificent you are and that your special-ness is needed to uplift humanity. But you can't do that if you aren't able to receive fully.

Always remember... You are magnificent.

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