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Our Biggest Fear is NOT fulfilling our Soul Purpose.

It is that we often feel are NOT Enough, and that the job is too big. We humans are so small compared to the size of our Soul's purposes. Or at least that is what we tell ourselves.

Don't believe it! We have a source to access our purpose including, how to attain it with the help of our Soul. And you don't have to be WooWoo.

Years ago, a friend of mine told me about an experience she had when a woman opened her Akashic Records to answer questions about her life's choices, patterns and how some of those choices were linked to some of her past lives.

Hmmmm, interesting. I was so intrigued that I immediately picked up the phone to make an appointment. I had no concept of my Soul's purpose or the Akashic Records. Even so, I just showed up and asked my questions. I just knew I had to be there... no questions asked... just show up. So I did.