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Our Biggest Fear is NOT fulfilling our Soul Purpose.

It is that we often feel are NOT Enough, and that the job is too big. We humans are so small compared to the size of our Soul's purposes. Or at least that is what we tell ourselves.

Don't believe it! We have a source to access our purpose including, how to attain it with the help of our Soul. And you don't have to be WooWoo.

Years ago, a friend of mine told me about an experience she had when a woman opened her Akashic Records to answer questions about her life's choices, patterns and how some of those choices were linked to some of her past lives.

Hmmmm, interesting. I was so intrigued that I immediately picked up the phone to make an appointment. I had no concept of my Soul's purpose or the Akashic Records. Even so, I just showed up and asked my questions. I just knew I had to be there... no questions asked... just show up. So I did.

Since that day in 1997, my life has changed in more ways than I could even count. Has it been a smooth road without any bumps? Absolutely not! In looking back, it was more because I planted my heels in the ground so change would not take me. I had to be in control. HaHa.

I can just imagine my Soul laughing at me, saying there she goes again. If only she would just let herself follow the plan put in place so many eons ago. I did learn to be vulnerable and let go of some control. What is most important is that I got my one true desire, which of course I didn't know at the time... To live in my heart!

Yep, I didn't want to just be in it when times were good. No, I had to make it extra difficult for myself, by wanting to live in my heart. I learned through the Akashic Records' work I do, that I am meant to be on the path of the heart.

When the Master's of the Akashic Records first shared that with me, I laughed as I told them they had the wrong person. I didn't even have a heart. And in all their unconditional love and wisdom, they so lovingly told me, "Who better to teach others how to live in their heart, than someone who had to fight her way back to hers!" Sounds beautiful and felt oh so loving, but I was not a pushover. No sweet talking wasn't going to convince me.

And then it happened, years later... many years later, I started living from my heart. And I do now more than ever. I will never give up living in my heart because I can remember too clearly how lonely and cold it feels when my heart was shutdown.

Why do I tell you my story? I don't want you living in the cold and dark recesses of your being, all alone, when you don't have to be. I don't want you falling into the pit of despair (that is what I called mine) not being able to climb out without feeling so alone.

I've been down so many of those roads, and at time they try to revisit me. I'm a tenacious warrior of the heart and soul. I've learned to be there for myself and others because we all have our moments when the Soul calls, and we just don't understand its language, its sound, its music, so we fall, until we say...NO MORE! And, pick up the phone as I did so many years ago, to walk onto a path your Soul has laid out for you. And your life will change forever.

Do you hear or feel the knocking? Is it time to open the door? Only you know for sure. Search your heart at this time to discover the knowing if now is the time for you to enter your soul's library to gain access to the gifts awaiting you. All you have to do is open the door. In my consultations and classes, we use sacred prayers as a key to unlock the answers to your questions. We then ask to be filled with our highest loving energy to fill the voids left by removing what no longer serves you in accomplishing your higher purpose in life at this time.

I want you to know, if you are not what is called a woowoo type, that's okay because neither am I! You don't have to be in order to access the Akashic Records, all you need is an open heart and mind, AND a

willingness to be the best most loving self you can grow into. It's more about taping into more potential than being a woowoo person.

This is all about you and your relationship to your soul. I have no words that can possibly get close to what love feels like in your Akashic Records.

Let me know if you want to join me in a class or for an Akashic Record Consultation. Everything you need is waiting for you at:

With a full heart from mine to yours,

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