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Your Business Has its Own Soul

Updated: May 9, 2020

I often hear business owners say: "they are doing their Soul's Purpose". According to the Akashic Record Masters, that is only part true.

When we start a business, we are activating soul contracts that we have with the entity (business(es)). We have unfinished karma and responsibilities to the business(es), therefore, as part of our souls' promise, we are to be the human vessel to allow the business to fulfill its contracts through services, products, information, etc.

Below, you will see a simple picture showing -you as the business owner, activating the numerous connections (contracts) in a multitude of ways, between the entity and the many souls affiliated with the business(es).

When an owner says the business is their life purpose, the contract(s) they have with the business is only part of their life's purposes. There are very often many. The business transaction is simple that between you and your business.

The questions then become: What am I to do for this business? Does it have a contract with land? What other contracts do I have to serve this business? Who do I hire that has a contract with the business, or both of us?

Your business is alive.

Therefore, it has a Soul with a higher purpose to fulfill contracts, karma and distribute healing to those it has made a spiritual promise to do so. Healing can encompasses a variety of ways and means to be accomplished.

Example of how a business can heal: Hiring, firing, creating relationships, love and personal, creating more knowledge, empowerment, dis-empowerment, build self-esteem, strip away self-esteem, and on and on it goes.

In most cases, fulfilling soul contracts is not a conscious part of our everyday life or work life. We simply do what we do and the souls whom cross our paths in the business are there because of contracts that have been actuated. Because you said yes to start your business(es), you are paying off your own karma and healing yourself on many unconscious levels.

Being guided by the Soul of your biz:

Working in the Akashic Records of a Business's Soul takes time to discover, align and proceed on the path that the business was meant to travel. We can access all the answers you need to fulfill your business's purpose through its Akashic Records.

There is a big difference between actively seeking the soul's guidance and doing

what you think is best for the soul of the business. How you run the company may

be in accordance to the information you would receive from the Akashic Records,

but there are always miscalculations, often costly in a business. Relating to timing,

hiring, partners, money, investments, buildings, growing, selling off, products,

services, etc.

​Here are some questions often asked in the AR of businesses:

  • What is the soul's purpose for my business?

  • What is my contract with the soul of the business?

  • How do I best serve our contract?

  • What do I need to do?

  • What are the other reasons why we are together?

  • What am I to learn from owning this business?

  • How do I help the business attract the souls it needs to help?

Businesses are Unique

Every single business is very unique just as each individual. Every single living thing has a soul. Your questions always determine the degree of information you will receive. As with my business coaching business, each client has their own specific needs, so does each business. Every soul is unique to its purpose for living right now on Earth.

When I asked similar questions to check in on one of my businesses, Business Women Warriors, this is what I recently received:

Just a couple examples:

My Question: What is the soul's purpose for Business Women Warriors?

Answer from the Akashic Records: "Look at it as a giant pool for women to gather to bathe in their magnificent brilliance. The contracts this entity has with those souls are to bring them back to their purpose by facing their fears of showing up and eliminating ancestral limitations past down to their families. It is up to them to end the cycle for the souls in their line that source the feminine energies of creativity and co-creation. Male or female. This entity is a stopping place to learn, practice and to excel in the art of the journey of the hero. These women and men have the strength to withstand the forces that hold others down. They have a higher mission which drives them without peace. They know something is guiding them but not sure what they can't just let it go. They are warriors from many lifetimes needing a strong force to help them find their way back to remembering who and what they are at their deepest level of commitment."

Another Business AR Soul Reading:

I gave an AR consult yesterday to a client who asked: "Am I going in the right direction with my business? "The answer she received from the Masters of AR: "Yes and no. Yes she is to work with women in corporations and no because the energy driving her in moving forward was not aligned to her soul's true path. As we went deeper into the reading, she discovered that she was still playing too safe therefore not clearing the way for women leaders to feel vulnerable as they are growing in their ability to speak up at work while not being afraid to be alone as they stand for what is right. She also learned that she was holding her work back from those that need it most because she wanted to make sure women that settled decided not to any longer. She was told to move forward anyway. Most importantly from the information was how she was still holding herself back staying in her comfort zone, which was not in her highest good. They opened her path to her in a very clear and concise manner for her to learn about where she was using old programming to stay safe."

Feeling a call from the Soul of Your Business?

As vast as the Universe is, so is the library of our Soul. There is such a vast amount of information with many levels to tap into when working with a business. Imagine deep diving into the history, past life connections, reason for being, what its higher purpose is to make humanity a better place to live. Discovering what the best strategic plans are for you to follow are so exciting. I never create a program, product or service without the help of the business's Akashic Records.

Akashic Record Business Strategic Coaching offers 3 month programs of intense work to change the trajectory of your business to be in alignment with its Soul. We use our time together to assess, plan, and strategically direct the different aspects of your business from branding, marketing, sales, hires, products, and clients.

If you are interested in how the Akashic Records can help your business's success, please make an appointment to get on a call with me to discover if this is the right choice for you.

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