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Learn How to Access the Soul's Mission and Guidance of a Business (It's different than a person's soul.)

Soul Mission Business Growth Course 1
Starts September 15th
@ 11:30am - 1:30pm CT

It's Time for you to Make a Bigger Impact.


Gracie Headshot.jpg
Ready to Learn How to Dig Deep into 'WHY' a business is created and 'WHAT' the owner needs to know and do?. (It's not what you think!)
Soul Mission Business Course 1 is 90 days
of intense, deep dive work to make an impact in the world.
First Zoom call will be on September 15th at 11:30am - 1:30pm CT
Course meets every other Wednesday thru December 15th
You will:
1.) Have 8 -bi-weekly group Zoom calls which includes, learn business growth techniques, business coaching, accountability, support of group, and tons of growth.

2.) Help the Soul of a Business ignite its Soul Contracts, Release Karma, Cancel Vows
 3.) Learn How to Guide Business Owners to release limiting beliefs
 4.) Strategically Create a Actionable Soul Plan

5.) Learn the Art of Formulating Questions for a business.

There has been a monumental shift in the energy of business and exchange of energy in our businesses.
We are being asked by the Beings of Light to assist business owners to align with the Soul of their businesses.
The time has come for big changes in the world through businesses. It's time for the Soul of the business to lead and the owners to follow.

Our businesses must be set up to assist owners to listen and develop a plan of action.

Many businesses have struggled during challenging times, while others flourished.
Why is that?


"There were so many benefits to doing the Soul Mission Business Growth Course 1. For one, I actually got into my own business' records a ton, which I hadn't been doing. I learned so much! For two, Linda gives great ideas of questions to ask of your business and client's businesses so that you can help people as meaningfully as possible. I feel much more confident doing readings for businesses

and have already seen the huge benefit in doing so. From clearing stuff that stood

in the way of a business' sale, to helping a client communicate better with her "board

of directors" on the other side, this knowledge has been incredibly useful and valuable

for clients. I appreciated Linda's no-nonsense approach, calm demeanor, and experience

. I no longer have doubts about how to work with a business and business owner at the

deepest levels. Thanks Linda!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Gracie Miller

"This course helped me to realized that there is so much more to having a successful spiritual business. Learning how to work in the Akashic Record's of a business expanded my experience of what is available to me and why I am in business. I can achieve my goals with the methods that Linda presents in a clear and rewarding format. With the confidence that I achieved, I have more clarity in my next steps and goals to set up for success. when I started, I had no direction and was stumbling. I now have a foundation to work from, confidence and more opportunities are already opening. Thank you Linda" Jean Kolenda

What is Soul Mission Business Growth Course 1?

It's an innovative short-term (90-days) step-by-step training, coaching, group program that teaches you how to go from overwhelmed to strategically growing your business by helping others grow theirs. All while in the Akashic Records.


You will have the support of your group, business growth trainings, and accountability with like-minded biz owners wanting to make an impact by helping business owners plan and strategize their business growth by being Soul led.

Are you ready to step into a bigger picture of yourself and allow the Soul of your business to guide you to greater success aligned with its mission/higher purpose?

Is this advanced Akashic Coaching Program right for you?

  • Do you want to learn how to work in the Akashic Record of a business with clarity? Helping biz owners create a strategic plan to make a bigger impact.

  • Are you willing to grow your biz strategically and follow the Soul's Purpose?

  • Would you feel supported in having coaching, accountability, training and Mastermind as you grow?

  • Are you ready to finally make the right investment in yourself and business to let go of fear of making an impact in other businesses?

"I knew I had to do something to start gaining growth in my biz but I had no idea where to start. I was at a total loss." -Business Growth Grad

"Linda's guidance and coaching encouraged me to take action in all areas of my business. It was also good to be part of a group and see how each of us was taking huge leaps forward." -Business Growth Grad

Join Our Soul Mission Business Growth -Level 1

Say YES to your Potential.

We are Spiritual Business Owners who want and need:




       A Tribe

Image by Drahomír Posteby-Mach


Imagine finally having the clarity of a plan and strategies to guide your business's growth and HOW to best assist biz owners in being Soul led.

"My sales acumen are refreshed, renewed, and re-energized." -Business Growth Grad

"I'm more efficient and productive than ever before." -Business Growth Grad

AR Biz coaching 3.jpeg
Akashic Record Business Coach Linda Berger

The Soul Mission Business Course 1 includes:

  • 8 - 2- hour Zoom Video Calls

  • Training on How to build your business

  • Training on How to work deeply in the AR of other Businesses

  • The Art of Formulating Questions for creating a strategic plan with actionable steps

  • Working in the AR of your own business

  • Overcome your own limits that  are blocking your biz growth


Together you'll learn:

  • Revolutionary Methods to get QUICK RESULTS for Businesses

  • How IMPOSTER SYNDROME blocks you

  • Valuable time management tools

  • Discover your unproductive patterns

  • Identify Your Manifesting Mojo

  • Use Time Management effectively

  • Own your Value

  • Stop making excuses

  • Your new normal: Courage, Discipline and Focus

  • Identify what you really want and how to create it.

You also receive these amazing bonuses:

Bonus #1: Valued at $395

Access to Business Women WarriorsTM - Business Building Training Audio Modules

These training modules are a step-by-step supplemental training with worksheets and vital tools to immediately start building your business. They are the business growth trainings use for all the students in - Business Women Warriors.

You will feel fully supported in growing your business and how you can help others by implementing the Business Women Warriors Success Road Map. Includes:


8 - 20 minute Audio Trainings with Work Sheets

Module 1: How to Prepare for Success

Module 2: How to Pick Your Project

Module 3: Creating a 90 Day Plan

Module 4: How to Play Bigger

Module 5: Dealing with Fear

Module 6: Learn Effective Time Management

Module 7: Feeling Phony: It's not you. It's Impostor Syndrome

Module 8: How to Take Strategic Action

You receive everything you need to set up your business to add a new stream of income by helping humanity through businesses.

                                    Assisting biz owners is the fastest way to ensure they are following a                                                 plan set forth by the Soul of their business.

                                   Business owner's Soul has a contract with the business for the fundamental                                    purpose of helping the Soul fulfill its purpose and mission for                                                       having been created.

                                   Businesses are a shortcut to fulfilling contracts for a multitude of                                                       reasons and souls working for and being served by the business.

Image by Amer Mughawish

Bonus #1: 25% Discount on a 55 minute 1:1 Business Coaching Call with Coach Linda valued at $349


Need more 1:1? It’s all about you!


Schedule a 1:1 call anytime during the Mastermind program to dive

deeper in to your business and personal needs. You pick the time

when you are ready.


You started learning to plan and strategize for Exponential Growth by engaging the power of the Mastermind. Let's plan out the year with strategies to keep you on track.

It's best to prepare your questions as you go through the program to remember the areas most challenging to you whether being consistent, focused and disciplined to reach different stages of growth in your business and mindset.

We will outline next steps to ensure you are on target for exponential growth, clarify change needed and any support you feel is relevant to make the lasting changes you desire.

Spend the time to get real and raw about your specific needs to plan your step by step strategies to get more clients.


Bonus #3: Heart Connection Meditation

We all need inspiration to keep moving forward during the many

transitions we  go through in our lives. I’ve created this Heart

Meditation to support you in manifesting from the inside out.


Expanding our Heart energy is the fastest way to manifesting in our

life. You will learn to expand your energy out into the world to unlock

your manifesting mojo from the inside out!

This visualization will keep your mind busy focusing in the direction

you want it to go rather than the busy distracting chatter. Listening to your Heart Meditation daily to help you create the paradigm shift to step into your greatness. And remember… Your potential is your greatness. and always remember... You are Magnificent!

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First Zoom call will be on September 15 th at 11:30am CT
Each call is 2 Hours in length.
Soul Mission Business Course 1
Investment $997






Lisa Barnett of Akashic Knowing and I at the LA Expo sharing the AR.

“Thank you for supporting me with your amazing coaching program. I have made so many leaps it’s hard to name them all. Thank you for holding a clear vision of my business growth and me. You were always there with logical and strategic support plus loving, heartfelt emotional support. You picked me up when I was frustrated. You guided me when I wasn’t sure where to make my next step. In a short time, my business has grown 5 fold with your help in consciously transitioning into supporting the growth I wanted but wasn’t sure how to navigate. Your help in celebrating my success has been paramount in owning my abilities and taking steps quickly and with ease. Thank you again for being the amazing YOU that you are. “- Lisa B.

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