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Learn to Access your
soul's Guidance
Virtual Course 1 Starts
April 26th Monday
& Wednesday April 28th
We meet for 3- Monday's and Wednesday's
@ 7pm - 9pm CT (7pm - 9pmCT)
On Zoom
$325 (Special Rate)
Akashic badge final - Teacher Healer Con

Akashic Record Course 1

Access Your Personal Akashic Record Wisdom

Ready to enter the library of your soul?

Your soul has its own unique path and

if you aren’t following it chances are you

have been going through some ups and downs lately.

Ever ask yourself:

If only I could get clear answers to my questions?

Would you know exactly what to do next?

Or do you just need:

Clarity on your life path?
What's your purpose?
A Divine Shortcut?

No matter where you are in your life, business or spiritual path…

Your Soul knows where you have been and where you

should be going.

So why not start everyday strong by accessing the Soul's


Step into your life with more purpose and clarity.

You have a library filled with information to help you

fulfill your Soul's Purpose.

Your Soul's Library... Your own Book of Life.


                                          All you need to do is ask to

                                          Learn How to Access Your        

                                                 Akashic Records

                                     Isn't it time to receive your Keys?



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Say NO MORE… And enroll in:

Access Your Akashic Records Course 1 to:

  • Access YOUR information about YOUR soul's plan. "Am I following the right path? Why do I get blocked when moving toward my dreams?"


  • Receive clarity around all those questions you want answers. "Why haven't I found a partner yet? Why is my business failing to make money? What can I do to bring abundance into my life? Is there something in a past life that is blocking me from moving forward?"


  • Learn to identify, clear and heal unconscious negative mindset and emotional blocks. "Am I following an old belief? Can I clear this now? Where am I being blindsided on receiving my abundance?"


  • Gain access every single day to the wisdom and unconditional love of the Akashic Beings of Light. "What is in my highest soul's expression today? How can I best serve my soul's purpose today?"

"A terrific presentation both in teaching and the materials. Course 1 (my second time) helped me come back to my inner self. I gained more clarity on my next steps and how to work through my challenges." Lisa A. Energy and Body Healer

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Image by Behnam Norouzi
Image by Lukas Blazek
DATES                                   TIME
APRIL 26 -
2-x-a-week for three weeks.
Monday's  & Wednesday's
7 - 9pm CT

I’ll walk you through the steps to receive your 5 Keys to:


  • Gain clarity on next steps in your life and business.


  • Receive a step-by-step plan.


  • Start living with an Open Heart in all areas of your life not just the easy ones.

  • Connect with your soul’s purpose and deeper level of love.


  • Release old karma to set new healthy boundaries that support your soul’s purpose


  • Receive powerful tools to release old patterns in life and relationships.


  • Learn the Art of Asking Questions of the Akashic Masters to gain clarity on decisions you need to make quickly.


  • Raise your energetic vibration to become more intuitive and healthier.

No Prerequisite class is required.

Starts - APRIL 26th
We meet for 3 - Monday's and 3 - Wednesday's
@ 7pm - 9pm CT

Location: Zoom

Investment: $325
Here’s MORE of what you’ll learn in:
Learn How to Access Your Akashic Records Course 1:
How to access your own Akashic Record using a vibrational key in the form of a Sacred Prayer ProcessTM, which unlocks the energy of your own Soul’s Library... your Akashic Record.
All about your Analyzer and how it creates Doubt and Judgment.

The art of formulating questions to receive life-enhancing answers.

During the workshop, we will spend a lot of time practicing going in and out of your AR, so that you feel confident in accessing your information to ensure continued success in receiving more information.

Once you complete Course 1, you will be able to use your Akashic Record's wisdom and information to accelerate your spiritual growth. You can also, ask questions about your life, your soul plan and your next steps.

You will receive:

7 Healing Prayers given by the Akashic Lords;

Guidelines and meditation to keep you Guided, Guarded and Protected;

Workbook filled with prayers and information to guide you after the class in working with the Akashic Records.
A lifetime of Soul guidance. Access to your own Divine library.

And so much more...

What students are saying about their experiences


"I have learned a lot about my soul's path and purpose to become more confident as I move forward." Jen C.

"I can't say enough good things about this course. It's exactly what I needed in my soul's journey. I am incredibly appreciative of the entire experience. I can't wait to see what comes next and to integrate what I learned into my life." JC

"This class was wonderfully put together. The information was presented in a way that was easily understood. It has jump started my journey by using the Akashic Records in my everyday life." EC

"Beyond excellent. Linda Berger is vibrant, clear and so impressive to watch as she accesses the Akashic Records and receives information for all of us. I've taken AR classes from other schools." BMC


"I found my path!!!! My questions have finally been answered. WOW!" Rachael H. Reiki/Healer

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