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Welcome Back!


Welcome back to this group of dynamic and dedicated light workers making an impact on the world in their own special and unique way. You made it through Soul Mission Course 1 to arrive here. Great work. Now we get into the the deep stuff our business is meant to do in the world.

You will get very clear on the bigger picture of where you are going to take your business or should I say... Where it is about to take you! And... how to help other businesses follow the Soul's higher mission.

I promise, you have never taken a class like this one. As a certified Business Coach since 2007, and an international Akashic Record Certified Consultant and Teacher since 1998, I have a unique perspective in applying the guidance and information for businesses to succeed and grow into the bigger picture they were created for.


I'm so excited you are continuing your journey to learn how to navigate areas of the Akashic Records that will truly impact the world... through commerce and businesses.


We have calls every other week for 4 months. They are fast paced and filled with coaching, guidance, wisdom and tools for you to share with your clients.

Expect in your Email Box:


The live Zoom calls DATES and LINK.


Be prepared to push through limiting beliefs, Impostor Syndrome, Fear, and so much more. There is so much you are going to learn. I promise you the magic will happen.


You have a biz coach and an established AR teacher to guide you through the process to help biz owners in the fastest way to ensure they are following a plan set forth by the Soul of their business.



Sending BIG Warrior Hugs,

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