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You are In!


Welcome to our Tribe. We are dedicated to showing up big to make the world a better place for others through business. There has never been a better time to help biz owners ignite the Soul's path of their businesses. It's our higher purpose to help Souls fulfill contracts, karma and release vows, to move on to help more and more people.

I'm Linda Berger, Expert Biz Strategist and International AR Teacher and Consultant. I have two businesses my AR work and Business Women Warriors (came out of the AR). You will be working with programs I've developed for my students and clients.


My passion is to translate the spiritual/esoteric into business terms. I have witnessed numerous times when biz owners look confused or are off-put thinking and often saying: "What does the spiritual woowoo stuff have to do with the success of my biz!? " Everything!!!! I say!

I'm so excited you are joining the 90 day AR Biz Growth Challenge. This is just a quick overview to get you ready for our live call coming up soon. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITH THIS INFORMATION.


There are two parts to the 90 Day AR Biz Growth Challenge. The biz part and the AR part.




The '90 Day AR Biz Growth Challenge' includes both: Live virtually and Recorded Training Modules.


Recorded: 1) You will be receiving Business Women Warriors Biz Growth recorded training modules and worksheets. (These are made available in a timely sequence)


Your training modules are a step-by-step supplemental training to our calls, worksheets, and tools to immediately start using in your own business. They are the business growth training I use for all the students in my business coaching - Business Women Warriors.

You will receive a link in your email soon to begin:

8 - 20 minute Audio Trainings with Worksheets

Module 1: How to Prepare for Success

Module 2: How to Pick Your Project

Module 3: Creating a 90 Day Plan

Module 4: How to Play Bigger

Module 5: Dealing with Fear

Module 6: Learn Effective Time Management

Module 7: Feeling Phony: It's not you. It's Impostor Syndrome

Module 8: How to Take Strategic Action

You receive everything you need to set up your business to add a new stream of income by helping humanity through businesses.

I want you to feel fully supported in your biz growth and how you can help others by implementing the Business Women Warriors Success Road Map.


Live: 2) Learning How to Access the AR of Businesses. (We have 8 calls as a group) You will receive tools, coaching, and Mastermind to walk you through the program feeling fully supported.


Expect in your Email Box:


1) You will soon receive an email from 'Thinkific', which is the training platform for Business Women Warriors Self-Study modules and worksheets. When you receive the link to set up your password to start the recorded business training part of the program. 


2) The live Zoom calls DATES and LINK.


Be prepared to push through limiting beliefs, Impostor Syndrome, Fear, and so much more. There is so much you are going to learn.


You have a biz coach and an established AR teacher to guide you through the process to help biz owners in the fastest way to ensure they are following a plan set forth by the Soul of their business.



Sending BIG Warrior Hugs,

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